Coach ProfileCOURTNEY grant-allen

Coach Courtney

Within our coaching staff, Coach Courtney stands out as a key figure, known for his exceptional coaching skills and the support he provides to our players, he brings out the best in athletes and has a genuine dedication to their development. He has become a beloved and indispensable member of our coaching team.

Coach Courtney has a unique ability to connect with players on a profound level. His coaching sessions are not just about imparting knowledge but also about inspiring and motivating young athletes. His approachable demeanour creates an environment where players feel comfortable, valued, and eager to learn.

Coach Courtney is known for going above and beyond to support our team members. He consistently invests extra time and effort to ensure that each player receives the individual attention and guidance they need. Whether it’s helping players refine their skills, offering academic support, or providing a listening ear during challenging times, Coach Courtney’s commitment to the well-being of our members is unwavering.

Coach Courtney’s presence in our coaching staff is a true asset. His ability to connect with players, unlock their potential, and go the extra mile for their development is exceptional. He not only helps our athletes become better on the court but also encourages them to become better individuals. His enduring impact on our team extends beyond the game, as he instils values and skills that players carry with them throughout their lives. Coach Courtney is not just a coach; he is a mentor, motivator, and inspiration to our team. He is a guiding force that helps players reach their full potential.

Last season Courtney head coached our U16 program where they finished the season reaching the quarter finals. He also played a key part in one of our U15’s being invited into the U16 GB National Team training camp.