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Coach TJ

Our newest coach, TJ, is a basketball coach whose expertise lies in the realm of skill development. His comitment to refining the individual skills of players made it a no-brainer for us to bring him on board. His approach to the game and individual talent development has already proven to be a huge boost for our teams. 

Coach TJ’s coaching philosophy centres on the belief that building strong fundamentals and individual skills is the cornerstone of a player’s success. He understands that every great team is composed of players who excel in their specific roles. As a skill development specialist, he is meticulous in breaking down the game into its components, whether it’s shooting, dribbling, passing, or defensive techniques.

What sets Coach TJ apart is his ability to deliver highly personalized coaching. He recognizes that each player has unique strengths and areas for growth. With tailored training plans, he works closely with individuals to address their specific needs and challenges. This approach ensures that players not only enhance their skills but also gain the self-assurance to excel in high-pressure situations.

Through purposeful drills, focused exercises, and constant feedback, he assists players in refining their techniques and achieving significant improvements in their performance. His commitment to skill development has led to many players developing in a short space of time.

While Coach TJ is primarily known for skill development, his impact extends beyond individual players. By ensuring that each player is well-versed in their skills and roles, he enhances the collective strength of the team. Coach TJ’s players not only become better individuals but also integral parts of successful team

TJ is currently assisting both our U14 and U16 teams whilst finishing his studies at UEL working towards acheiving a degree in Sport and Exercise Science.