Welcome to haringey heat basketball

Welcome to Haringey Heat Basketball

Haringey Heat Basketball started life in 2010 as Haringey Hawks and has been in continuous existence ever since.

Rebranded in 2023 to revitalise our image, reflect our dedication and commitment to upward growth and become more relevant to our members.

At Haringey Heat Basketball we offer a premier youth basketball club and experience, excellent coaching of fundamentals, skill development and camaraderie. You will elevate your game in a supportive and competitive environment, guided by qualified and experienced coaches who are dedicated to your growth. Unlock your potential and thrive both on and off the court with us!

Discover the winning combination of passion, discipline and teamwork at Haringey Heat Basketball, with a focus on character development, personalised training and a commitment to not just skilled athletes, but also confident individuals ready to conquer challenges.

We are dedicated to nurturing the potential of our young athletes while providing them with a supportive and empowering environment to thrive. Our club isn’t just about basketball; it’s about fostering leadership skills, teamwork, and a strong sense of community.

Join us to be part of a legacy of excellence in youth basketball.



Haringey 6th Form College
White Hart Lane
N17 8H
The club is a friendly and inclusive team! Always a great energy on court and off! The coaches' commitment and passions are reflected and are shown by how the players engage and improve!
Parent of U14 player
It's a great experience because of the people there and it's fun and engaging. The Coaches are great and the training pushes you to your limits.
Jeremiah(JJ), U14


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