As young athletes progress in their basketball journey, the focus shifts from building fundamentals to honing skills and fostering a sense of unity. Our Under 14 and Under 16 basketball development training sessions cater to these needs, with players training twice a week: once with their respective age group and once in mixed sessions. Mixed sessions emphasize skill development while own age group team sessions focus more on tactical work required for that specific competition.

Elevating Skill Development:
For Under 14 and Under 16 athletes, skill refinement becomes paramount. Players delve deeper into advanced techniques such as ball handling, shooting precision, defensive strategies, and team dynamics. Coaches work closely with each age group to fine-tune their abilities, ensuring they can execute these skills effectively during game situations.

The mixed training sessions offer a unique opportunity for both age groups to come together and focus intensely on skill development. These sessions provide a competitive yet supportive environment where players can challenge themselves against peers of different age levels. The emphasis here is on refining basketball IQ, decision-making, and adapting to diverse playing styles. These mixed sessions foster camaraderie and unity while enhancing individual and team skills.

Strengthening Core Values:
Just as with the Under 12 sessions, values like hard work, discipline, and teamwork remain at the heart of the training philosophy for Under 14 and Under 16 athletes. Coaches encourage players to set ambitious goals, pushing them to excel both on and off the court. The lessons learned during these formative years extend beyond basketball, helping young athletes become responsible, respectful, and accountable individuals.